Ice Cream software SOLUTIONS

Being one of the leading firm, we are engaged in offering Bill Trace ice cream parlor software solutions to our valuable clients.
Bill Trace Software Solutions
Ice Cream software SOLUTIONS

Operating an ice cream parlour successfully is indeed a challenging task. Our state-of-the-art billtrace ice cream parlous software solutions integrate seamlessly into the overall systems in the ice cream parlour for stock management and billing. Using our cutting edge software solutions, you can manage the stock of all your products efficiently. Our software solutions are successfully installed in storerooms, warehouses, malls, shops and factories for ice cream parlours.

The Configuration Features of Our Ice Cream Parlour Software are designed to offer maximum convenience and smooth operation.

We have specially designed our software with an interface that is extremely smooth and user friendly, so that every transaction takes minimum time and is executed as fast as possible.

We have specially designed our software with an interface that is extremely smooth and user friendly, so that every transaction takes minimum time and is executed as fast as possible.

Every time you want to create, modify or delete any item from your system, our advanced software enables you to do all the three things in easily and quickly. No wastage of time in executing these tasks means faster operations and increased efficiency.

We understand that different outlets have different printers and printer systems. Which is why we have designed our software to be fully compatible with all available receipt printer models. This ensures smooth and uninterrupted performance and gives you the winning edge.

The hospitality business has different taxes and discounts for different billings and events. If you have to calculate each tax and discount separately every time, it will lead to loss of time and revenue. Using our software, you can instantly change every tax and discount as and when required.

To take care of mischievous employees who fudge figures, our software has a high level of inbuilt algorithm for controlling the user access to the system. This ensures external and internal misuse.

Now configuring Single or double Scoops, Thick Shakes, Sundaes and Brownies can be done in a matter of minutes. Just punch in the required combination and our software will instantly create the customer order, making the whole process super quick and hassle free.

Stock Inventory Features of Our Ice Cream Parlour Software are:

We believe that your convenience is our prime objective. Data input in the system is a critical stage of operations and should not take much time. Using our software, you will be able to input data using three methods: Touch Screen, Mouse and Keypad.

When all elements of your operations run smoothly together, your business will grow manifold. Billing is a critical part of the revenue process. Our software offers you the convenience of creating your bills and printing them easily and instantly.

Billing is a process that has its own challenges, which if not addressed properly, can cause your operations to slow down. Our software comes with the two most critical features of billing – "on hold" and "recall", for ensuring that your billing process is super smooth. Fast operations ensure time savings, which positively impacts your bottom line.

Once a customer patronizes your outlet, he or she should be contacted regularly through constant engagement. Our software helps you in effectively mining and analyzing your customer database on diverse parameters. You can send out offers and discounts which will keep the footfalls on the higher side.

Home Delivery is a segment which is growing faster than walk-in dining. Managing a home delivery operation successfully is quite a challenging task, as multiple elements are involved in the operation. With our software, you can efficiently manage all your home delivery orders in minimum time. This significantly improves your customer delivery time and results in repeat parcel orders.

We understand your demand for total flexibility when it comes to choosing restaurant management software. Which is why, our software is conveniently designed to offer you both options, i.e. With KOT and Without KOT.

The Reports Features of our Ice Cream Parlour Software will surely leave you impressed:

Regular generation of various important reports of all elements of the hospitality business is extremely important for successful running of the business. All your important reports like Stock Reports, Inventory Reports, Stock Below Minimum Level Reports and Negative Stock Reports can be generated instantly and necessary action can be taken, so that the smooth functioning of your establishment is not disturbed.

Whenever you make any Sale or Purchase, the respective report will be generated instantly by our software. Hence, you will save considerable time with this convenient feature of our software.

Many a times, you will have to modify or even cancel generated bills. Whenever such an action is done, our software will immediately generate a report reflecting this change. We strongly believe that time is of the essence in your business.

It is extremely important to be able to know the complete back history of all actions effected on your system, to avoid loss of revenue. Our software comes with an in-built feature of providing you with complete back to back audit trail of all activities done on your system.

The outstanding features and functions of our Ice Cream Parlour software will surely leave you impressed:

The entire software is designed to be touch screen friendly. Your staff can operate the console with maximum ease and in minimum time. Our software is fast and extremely efficient.

We understand that successfully managing your Stock and Inventory is indeed a challenging task. Which is why we have designed our software in such a manner that you can easily and conveniently manage your Stock and Inventory situations in real time, with minimum effort.

The entire credit report of your customers can be instantly generated using our advanced software. We aspire to make your billing process smoother so that you can concentrate more on your business and make it grow.

Whenever there is a billing or any other transaction on your system by any of your staff, you will instantly receive a sms on your mobile informing you of the same. This will enable you to keep a strict tab on all billing and other developments even when you are not physically present in the outlet.

The high end Security Features of our Ice Cream Parlous Software are designed to always keep you in total control.

Revenue is the end objective of your business, and revenue comes through Sales. Our software is designed to help you maintain absolute control over all Sales, by keeping you regularly informed about every Sales that is made even in your absence, through a sms on your mobile.

The key to successfully running an outlet is that all the items should always be in stock, and you should always be in the know of the exact stock situation at any given point in in time. The moment the stock of any item goes below minimum level, our software will give you an instant sms alert on your mobile, so that you can instantly replenish that particular stock and your business and profitability is not affected.

It happens sometimes that the rate of a particular item has to be changed instantly. This change will be communicated to you the moment it is made, via a sms to your mobile. We empower you to stay in complete control of your business at all times.

Should it so happen that a modification has to be made in a bill that has already been generated, due to an extra order from the customer or anything else; the respective bill modification update will instantly come to you as a sms on your mobile.