Canteen Software is a canteen recorder that works on various card reading technologies and are designed to simplify the day to day canteen management.
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Specially designed to meet the needs of diverse types of hospitality properties like hotels, clubs, motels and resorts, our Lodging Software consists of multiple integrated modules to successfully address every aspect of property management and is running successfully in properties across India. Extremely easy to use and integrate, our Lodging Software makes running operations absolutely hassle free, with higher efficiency. Your business revenue is dependent on how smoothly and efficiently the lodging software lets you service your customers. You can manage every reservation from one centralized console, and smoothly synchronize your entire property data with their respective booking channels. Whatever be the room size of your property, our advanced lodging software has been programmed to significantly increase your bookings and also manage them in minimum time.

For enhanced control over your lodging booking, you can separately manage the rooms as well as room types, the different rates applicable and the respective facilities offered in the property.

When a guest walks into your property, you need to instantly convey to him or her about the availability of the requested room. When your front office personnel generate the respective inquiry, our software instantly reflects the status of the required room on the server screen. It tells the personnel whether the room is vacant, occupied or being occupied. This way, the guest gets the room of choice in shortest possible time.

Repeat business from the same customer is the key to continuous profitability for your property. All personal details of the customer, including photos, can be scanned and stored for future reference. When you are in possession of the customers photograph, it becomes easier for your personnel to establish personal communication for future business.

Selected guests who patronize your property regularly, deserve special discounts for increasing revenue from them. With our software, you can instantly map the customer's complete profile summary and special discounts offered.

It is important that all activities of the guest that require to be billed, are faithfully recorded in the system for accurate billing. This ensures that there is no revenue loss on account of any oversight. Our software enables you to accurately register all billable activities for meeting revenue targets.

Like in all our software, there is an in-built feature of instant notification of all entries and mentions in, which comes on your mobile phone as a sms. This enables you to be on top of all customer and billing related movements on the lodging system.

You can devise and execute multiple customer promotions across different parameters through the advanced features on our lodging software. When you engage your existing customers through such targeted promotions, it increase the probability of repeat business and positively impacts your bottom line.