Canteen Software is a canteen recorder that works on various card reading technologies and are designed to simplify the day to day canteen management.
Bill Trace Software Solutions

A simplified day to day canteen management process makes canteen operations smoother and hassle-free. Our advanced Canteen Software is designed as a canteen recorder and efficiently works on different card reading technologies. This gives you the benefit of swift integration among all the elements of smooth canteen management. Designed with sleek aesthetics, the canteen recorder comes in compact dimensions. For instantly generating requests food requests, the recorder can be conveniently connected with a slip printer. This saves times and leads to faster turnaround of orders. Whenever the order is accepted, it will immediately show on the kitchen monitor and the KOT printer. This enables your kitchen staff to continuously be aware of all the pending orders. This increases efficiency and productivity of the kitchen staff, and the right order reaches the right table in minimum time.

Our canteen software comes with the following advantages for ensuring break-free operations:

Canteens of prominent Colleges and Commercial Establishments regularly use our software and are absolutely delighted with the performance. When your profits increase, you will also be convinced about the advantages of our software.

Our chief expertise lies in the design, development and delivery of superior billtrace, which efficiently generate food coupons and other applications. Restaurants, Fast Food outlets and Snack Bars are where our billtrace coupon software is in great demand. By installing and operating our software, you can maintain a thorough record of all transactions. This lends smoothness to the entire process of ordering food coupons and similar applications. Our exclusive focus is on improving every level of your operations and customer service and increasing your business income.

The unique features and functions of our billtrace will surely impress you.

We have designed the software to be fully compatible with touch screen devices. This convenience will make your operations fast and increase efficiency, leading to higher profitably.

From the time you install our system, you can easily and efficiently manage all the stock and inventory that you have in premises. This unique feature of our system gives you total control over your stock and inventory at all times.

Credit report of all customers can be generated in minimum time by utilizing the dynamics of our system.

When you parcel order is processed for take away, our system automatically calculates the actual commission payable to the delivery boy. This saves your time and lets you service more parcel orders in a day, thus increasing revenue.

To keep you informed at all times of all the developments in your premises with respect to transactions, our system will send you a sms every hours. Now, the entire control of the processes and transaction is with you.