Our firm is engaged in designing KOT systems. These systems are designed as per the specific requirements of our patrons. The KOT stands for kitchen order ticket.
BillTrace Software Solutions

We fully understand the significance of KOT or Kitchen Order Ticket systems in ensuring the smooth functioning of a restaurant. Getting the right KOT system is a big challenge. Serving the right order to the right table is a real time challenge faced by restaurants worldwide. Our robust software is designed to ensure that your kitchen-to-table process is absolutely smooth and satisfying. Leading Restaurants and Bars are convinced of the excellent performance delivered by our systems, and are using it profitably. Our unique Captain Tab software will make order processing extremely fast and smooth, leading to quick turnaround time and improving the efficiency and customer experience. We want your business to succeed at every level.

With our advanced KOT software your operations will be smooth, as you can do multiple things:

When the guest makes his or her choice from the menu, the same can be recorded by you.

Many times, customers change their order after giving it. With our software, this change will be instantly intimated to the chef-in-charge, who can then immediately alter the order and serve the newly ordered dish to the customer.

All businesses have their unique needs and demands. The software should be flexible enough to adjust to these specific demands. Our software is designed in such a way that you can fully customize it as per the unique needs of your business.

You surely want to keep a close tab on every unit of your entire stock. With our advanced software, you can effectively map and get details of each and every peg of liquor, along with all indirection consumption in stock. All efficiency is directed towards keeping you always in total control.

Bulk and GSM sms facilities

We provide you with Bulk and GSM sms facilities so that you can receive regular text messages on your mobile regarding all transactional and operational developments in real time. We believe in giving you the best facilities at the best cost, for maximizing your profits and increasing your business.

Whenever there is any sort of modification in the rate of any item, any change in the bill amount, cancellation of bill or any bill discount given; all this information will be communicated with you instantly and in real time through our advanced SMS feature.

For building special relationship with your customers, our software lets you program customized birthday and anniversary wishes to all your customers. These wishes are delivered exactly as per your programming and requirement. Along with these customized wishes, you can also give your customers special discounts, by sending a unique discount code to their mobile through SMS.

Captain Android App

For making the job of your hotel captain easier, our software comes with an Android App. From any restaurant table or any location, your hotel captain can instantly place an order through this app. This advantage of our app will make the process of food delivery much faster and greatly improve the efficiency of your restaurant. If the customer makes any changes after giving the order, through this app this change can be made instantly and conveniently. There is strong focus in our software on giving your hotel staff the cutting edge, for improving response time and customer efficient. This Android app also gives you real time sale notifications.

If you wish, you can also view the sale details segregated on Bill wise and Item wise parameters, on the mobile app.

For engaging your customers and building frequency, our software allows you to send customized Birthday and Anniversary wishes to them.

For ensuring seamless co-ordination in delivering the right order to the right table, our KOT software generates three copies. The first copy goes to the chef, the middle copy is directed towards the pick-up staff, and the last copy is for the side station.

Our software offers unique and special features for making your operations smooth and efficient.

Total inventory and stock management can be done in the shortest time.

All commissions due to the Captain, Waiter and Delivery Boy can be accurately calculated and recorded.

All information of your customers can be retained by this software, for data mining and information management.

Whenever you do any promotion in you restaurant, or execute any activity which needs to be communicated with the customer, a detailed sms can be sent to your customers so that they can take part in the offer, and increase your revenue.

Stock & Inventory

Our software gives you detailed report of the complete consumption of your stock, and also gives you the status report of the stock which is yet to be consumed.

Whenever you make any payment or issue any receipt, you will instantly get all respective details.

For effectively keeping track of all customer credit reports, all bills and respective payments, our software gives you the best reports and updates.

When you give some complimentary dishes or drinks to your customers, or create some special food and drink festival events, the software will instantly give you the respective special rates.

Strictly according to the rate and table category, the software will define the respective roof type and rate.

Parcel & Home Delivery

Now you have the flexibility and convenience of separately managing the parcel rate and home delivery rate, with the in-built dynamics of our software. This means more effective control over you operations and efficient time saving dynamics for your business.

All the departments of your hotel can be seamlessly connected through the printer with the kitchen. This gives you greater flexibility of streamlining your operations.

Our software gives you the convenience of generating back dated reports whenever you need them. You can also instantly generate complete audit trail reports for maximum control over all your billing and stock management transactions.

We want you to be in total control of all elements of your hospitality business. Greater control leads to elimination of fraud and complete check on all activities. You will receive a sms every hour with details of the sale that has happened during that particular hour.

Report Mobile App

Along with receiving the sale report via sms, our software is designed to send you the sale report to your preferred email id, so that you have double control over what is happening in your absence.

For conveniently viewing the report and all its details, our software comes with a mobile app which dynamically updates itself at regular intervals.

For ensuring that you do not lose any critical data regarding your reports and figures, the software comes with a facility of backing up all data automatically.

When SMS is the core medium of communication with your customers and also between you and the data, we offer professional bulk sms and special discount sms facility in the software. Now all your communication to customers can go out instantly in real time.