Bill Trace Queue Management software launced and running succesfully all over the india.
Bill Trace Software Solutions

One of the biggest challenges in hospitals, banks, stores, mobile galleries and government offices is managing the customer queues. Customers as well as organizations expect a structured approach in handling this issue. Our advanced Queue Management System software puts you in complete control of your customer's experience. You can set the software to clearly define the manner in which your team will deal with your customers when they visit your outlet. It offers complete flexibility to your organization of working in complete harmony. You can organize the queues of booked appointments with advanced methods like SMS messages and mobile applications.

Our state-of-the-art Queue Management System is improving efficiency levels and customer experience by optimizing and managing customer queues in leading organizations all over India.

Our software gives you the flexibility of issuing separate coupons for different departments of your organization.

When your customer get the coupon for the first time, he or she need not take a fresh coupon for their subsequent visits. The software features a unique facility called "Hole Coupon", which co-ordinates the further process smoothly.

The importance of online in the present customer interaction processes cannot be rules out. Our counter software has been specially designed to facilitate browser based queue management. This gives your staff the flexibility to engage your customers at their convenience.

For mapping the complete customer journey, our software instantly records the date and time when the coupon is issued. This gives the correct picture as far as customer visit monitoring is concerned. The total time taken for servicing the customer is also recorded by the software.

Whenever the visitor coupon is closed or rejected, and a new one is issued, the software instantly executes the same with the valid remark for the closure or rejection.

Quite often, the organization receives a special unannounced guest without a scheduled appointment. Or there is some emergency where a fresh out-of-turn coupon has to be issued. In both the cases, our software will enable you to issue such coupons instantly for maximizing visitor efficiency.

With our software, you can effectively centralize the customer monitoring and coupon announcement facilities, with the respective counter and coupon number. This facility lets you address your visitors in a seamless manner and ensures a pleasant experience for them.