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Bill Retail Software is capable of handling billing transactions in Malls, Grocery Shops, Co-operative Society Shops, Garment Outlets etc.
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Bill Retail Software

Managing large billing transactions in medium to large retail outlets are a big challenge for outlet owners. The sheer volume of transactions calls for a robust billing transaction software solution that keeps the billing process smooth and organized. Our constant endeavour is to keep your business running smoothly with all billing transactions being managed smoothly.

BillRetail Software is our advanced billing transaction software system which is efficiently capable of handling billing transactions in Malls, Grocery Shops, Co-operative Society Shops, and Garment Outlets etc. Our software engineers have designed this software specially keeping in mind the critical challenges faced by large outlets which have huge billing transactions.

BillRetail Software is designed with the following Configuration Features for ensuring smooth and uninterrupted operation:

The interface of our software is designed to ensure smooth operation and execute billing transactions in minimum time, so that your customer interaction time is kept to the minimum.

Sometimes, your billing staff has to make an immediate change in the bill if the customer adds or removes any item. With our advanced software, your billing staff can create, modify and delete any or all items in minimum time. This greatly improves your customer service and keeps your customers happy.

We are fully aware of the fact that different retails outlets use different types of printers for their billing purpose. Therefore, we have ensured that our software is fully compatible with all the printers available in the market. Your billing process will be smooth and uninterrupted.

Every center of your outlet is equipped with an independent Point Of Sale machine, which is connected to its own printer. Our software lets you allocate printer for center wise POS, which makes the billing process absolutely smooth and convenient.

The challenge of managing the stock in the godown is indeed a daunting task. Our software is designed to also manage different software for intimating you of the exact stock position in the godown at all times.

All stock can be effectively managed both rate wise and customer wise, for enabling total control over the stock position from all angles. When the stock picture is clear in front of you, it is easier to efficiently manage the outlet process and ensure that it is extremely smooth.

When you have an image to all the products, it makes it easier for you to place the product in your mind. Our software gives you the feature of storing the images of all the products in stock so that you can easily recall and identify the products which you need to order or replace.

The real time nature of the Taxes and Discounts in your business has been taken into account by our software designers. Whenever you need to customize any Tax or Discount, it can be done easily and in minimum time with our software.

In today's competitive retail business scenario, it is extremely critical that control of access to critical billing operations should be restricted only to key important personnel. We have designed BillRetail Software in such a manner, that only persons authorized by you can log in to the billing system and use the software.

Inventory Management Features

You can segregate all your items both group wise and department wise, with our advanced software. To further make it more convenient, this can be done with incorporating their respective multiple rates in the segregation. This flexibility is unique to BillRetail Software.

A big challenge for retail billing is that different products and items have different tax structures. To address this issue, our software is programmed to calculate the applicable tax item wise and product wise. This keeps your billing time to minimum and increases your operational efficiency.

Transferring items seamlessly and instantly from one department to another is made possible by our software.

The mechanism of seamlessly converting items from Packets or Boxes to single retail quantities is built into the software system.

Operational Features

Regular and complementary sale programs are an integral part of the retail business. We offer the unique advantage of customized billing for all your regular and complementary sale programs.

It so happens that sometimes a customer may return a purchased item citing different reasons. You can efficiently manage Purchase and Purchase Return Billing with 5 different reasons, using our software.

You stock needs to be frequently adjusted keeping in mind the dynamic market conditions. All these adjustments can be incorporated in real time in your system.

To save time and increase customer efficiency, our software comes with an advanced bar code reading mechanism which ensures that your billing process is swift and precise.

In today's changed customer payment scenario, not all customers are comfortable in making the payments for their purchases through cash. To address this situation, both Cash and Credit modes of payment are taken care of by our software.

For efficient customer marketing, engagement and interaction, you can slice and dice your customer database on diverse parameters. This helps you maintain relationships with your customers and grow your business.

Our software system efficiently maintains a customer account ledger for maximum convenience and smooth accounting operations.

Your POS personnel can conveniently view the excess cash return amount on the screen, which results in improved billing time and increases customer satisfaction.

Security Features

As soon as a sale is effected, an SMS will be sent to your mobile with all details.

Reports Features

You need to be always informed about the stock status of all the items and products in your inventory. Our software generates instant reports of the entire stock situation in minimum time for maximum operational efficiency.

Real time updates of all Sale and Purchase is delivered to you through an instant sms on your mobile.

You can generate sale reports as per the different departments and product groups.

The advanced software system can generate a customer wise sale report. This helps you keep track of the customer's spending pattern. You can efficiently map the high spending customers for ensuring repeat purchases and increasing revenue.

If your customer returns a particular product, the software will instantly release a Purchase Returns report with all the reasons for the return. This helps you to be in total control of the Purchase Returns process and makes devising sales plans easier.

Software Features and Functions

You get access to an item master with tax percent, with all the other relevant processes following the same pattern.

Entire stock management is under your complete control. You can instantly view the stock positions and make suitable additions so as to avoid a situation where you are out of stock for any particular item.

Our software helps you maintain separate ledgers for Credit and Vendor, for increased operational and financial efficiency.

With the unique feature of separate Receipt and Payment ledgers, our software gives you total control lover the incoming revenue and outgoing expenses.

Should you desire an instant summary of the Stock Status of your items, you can instantly generate all details and keep yourself updated of the actual Stock position.

All reports which are generated though the system will instantly come on your mobile as a sms notification.

Your salesman is an integral and important part of your revenue system. With our software, you can instantly calculate the exact commission payable to your sales personnel. This helps improve their efficiency and is an incentive for them to bring in more sales.